Cook Medical

Cook Medical Employee Uniform Shoe Program

Smith’s Shoe Center is proud to have partnered with Cook Medical Group, to provide employee uniform footwear meeting the standards and requirements set by Cook Medical Group.  Employee’s from Cook will receive an exclusive Cook discount price and the Voucher amount will be put towards the total price (with sales tax) for the style chosen by the employee.

Under this program, Cook employee’s who have been issued a Uniform Footwear Voucher can visit our store (located at 1917-A South Walnut Street, just north of Bloomington High School South) and shop our selection of uniform footwear that meets the requirements set by Cook.  We offer a wide range of options from the top brands and have created the Cook Medical Collection to help get you started in your search for your work shoes.  We may have additional options available in the store as well, when you stop in to check them out.  Please note that our online prices do not reflect the Cook Medical discount price or the voucher value.  

See Cook Program Policies for purchasing, ordering, and return information.