Cook Program Policies

How it Works

Purchases and Orders
  1. Vouchers will be issued by Cook to Department Managers and/or Employees for distribution.
  2. Vouchers are good for $65.00 towards the total purchase price on approved work footwear.
  3. Employees simply bring their Voucher to the store and view the selection of available footwear choices.
  4. Professionally trained Smith’s Shoe Center staff will help fit employees in the shoes they choose, and order pairs to try on if necessary.  ( is available to help employees research options online before they shop at the store)
  5. Once the employee makes a selection and is properly fitted, they will need to present their voucher to their sales associate at the time of purchase.  The voucher is valid up to $65.00, any amount above $65.00 will be the responsibility of the employee and is due upon checkout (in the event a size or style needs ordered, payment will required upon receipt and proper fitting of the ordered product – See “For Orders” section below).
  6. Smith’s Shoe Center will retain the shoes and affix the Voucher to identify the shoe owner (Employee) and will make weekly deliveries to Cook – Park 48.  Cook Park 48 will then arrange delivery of product to other Cook locations such as Spencer or Canton, IL.

For Orders:

In the event a product is sold out and needs to be ordered, the Smith’s Shoe Center sales associate will work to determine the correct size and width for the style the employee chooses.  Orders are placed several times per week and depending on the Vendor can take 10 day to 2 weeks (or more during peak shipping times) to arrive. 

Once the special order arrives, the employee will be notified that their shoes have arrived and are ready to be tried on (if this option was requested on the order form).  If chosen, the shoes will be held at the store for the employee to come in and try on.  The employee will then be fitted in their shoes, to confirm fit and the purchase will then be processed at that time. 

The employee will need to retain their voucher when shoes are ordered and the present it to the sales associate once the order has arrived and been confirmed to meet their needs.  Once the order has arrived, has been tried on, and properly fitted the previous purchase policy described above will apply. 

Returns and Exchanges

Please keep your copy of the receipt so we can help you better on all exchanges and returns. The box that the shoes were delivered in is also helpful and appreciated. These items are not required but help us to help you better and more efficiently.

We are happy to exchange any new unworn shoes up to one year from date of purchase.

Comfort – You have 30 days to test your new shoes at work for fit and comfort. Size and style of a shoe are personal preference so please make sure you are happy with your selection in the first 30 days.

Warranty – You have a 90 day manufacturer warranty. If at any time in the first 90 days from date of purchase there is a defect due to the manufacturing of the shoes please bring them to us for evaluation. 

If you have a problem, concern, or question on your shoes and it is past the 90 day manufacturer warranty you may bring your shoes to the store and we will evaluate on a case by case basis.